XTech is a group of Sydney's founders & investors who love to get away from the city and into the sun, surf & sand.

Mix inspiring morning presentations with afternoon wind and wave fun, and of course, drinks and stories by evening.  Meet the best in the industry without the distractions of the city.

About Xtech

Xtech is a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs and innovators, started by a few friends with a passion for business & extreme sports to make sure they caught up every few months..

We run two beach & one snow trip each year to build friendships, be inspired and of course, surf, kitesurf, ski, board, dive or just hang out on some of Australia’s best mountains and beaches. Over 200 entrepreneurs have come to the trips over the last few years, and we’re always looking for great founders and inspiring individuals who don’t take themselves too seriously to join us.

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Book below for the next event which includes a full package includes two nights accommodation and delicious food.

Remember Xtech is a Not For Profit organisation, all the booking fees go towards renting the locations, food and some drinks for all.